All-Inclusive Benefits


Unlike other volunteer programs, we include everything that a person might need while being away from home, and sometimes even more. 


Here is a list of benefits that come along with every program:


  • tour packages

Depending on the host country you will be traveling to, each program provides a unique tourist package to main attractions. You could be exploring Machu Picchu, Nazca Lines, Lake Titicaca in Peru, Patagonia, Torres del Paine in Chile, La Mitad del Mundo (The Middle of the World), Quilotoa, Galapagos Islands in Ecuador and many other attractions. See each program for specific details.

  • Accomodation

You get to pick between living immersed with a host family or to enjoy of one of our shared apartments.

  • Meals

You will enjoy of traditional, healthy, and organic meals, three per day while volunteering. In addition, whenever you feel like eating a snack, they will be available for you. Beverages are also included.

  • Cellphone

Upon arrival to your host country, a cellphone is provided to you. With the cellphone you may call locally and internationally (US,Canada, and Chile), so you can stay in touch with our office, host family, and your family and friends back home.

  • 24/7 local emergency assistance

In the event of an unfortunate situation, we are just a call away. Our local staff will promptly attend to your emergency. All emergency numbers are provided with the cellphone. 

  • Personal travel coordinator

If you wish, we provide (free of charge), a person to help you find the best airfares, travel insurance, and to organize your trip from beginning to end. If you need this assistance, click here to schedule an appointment.

  • laundry

All of the host families have a washer machine available as well as our luxury apartments. Detergent is provided at no charge. If you wish to get your clothes picked up and washed, we provide the service for a very small fee. Dryers in South America are not common, clotheslines are. 

  • Cable tv

All of our host families have cable TV as well as our luxury apartments. You will be able to record your favorite programs with the DVR service, you will not miss your sports event, and whenever feeling lazy, you could just seat and relax watching a movie from a HD premium channel. All in English or Spanish. 

  • WIfi

Whether you stay at a host family or at one of our luxury apartments, you will have access to wifi.

  • hot showers

Having HVAC and water heaters in South America is not common by all means; however, all of our host families and luxury apartments have water heater for showers only but not for faucets. We also provide heaters and fans for our volunteers.

  • Transportation

There is private transportation available upon request if you decide to stay at one of our apartments.

  • money exchange

The exchange rate for foreigners is different than for locals. Foreigners normally get paid less for their currency. We will provide you the best competitive exchange rates, sometimes even better than what the locals would get.

  • Local counselor

Our Local Counselors are passionate individuals who will be available for you whenever needed throughout your whole stay. You will meet your local counselor immediately over the phone right after you are accepted into one of our programs. Please note that ALL of our Counselors speak English and Spanish.

  • Orientation

Once you arrive to your destination, you will finally meet your Local Counselor in person. He/she will conduct orientation at our local office, where you will learn the do's and don'ts, and some other tips. Orientation is in your language.

  • free Welcome t-shirt

You'll get your first gift from us, a t-shirt (please specify your size on your application). Also you might want to check out our A-IV Gear so you can gear up before traveling.

  • language guide

You will be provided with an official A-IV pocket language guide, that will help you communicate with the local people. This guide has been customized for volunteers and for your location.

  • Airport Pick up and drop off

We will not just pick you up from the airport, we will take you back too, and make sure you departure safely. 

  • Volunteer program placement

Depending on your skills and capabilities you will get to pick the Volunteer project of your choice. Each city has unique needs and offers several opportunities to volunteer.

  • official volunteer certificates

You will get a certificate that is expedited by the local organization that you will be serving. In addition, you will get an official certificate of completion from us.

  • Letter of Recommendation

We can provide an official letter of recommendation upon request.


The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page
— Saint Augustine