1. Is A-IV an ngo?
No, we are not an ngo but we work, help, and coordinate with several ones in the countries where we operate.

2. What does all inclusive mean?
All Inclusive means that you will receive pretty much everything and sometimes even more that a volunteer might need while being away from home. For a detailed list of all the inclusive benefits please click here.

3.Do I need a visa to travel?
Depending on the country that you will be visiting, you might need a temporary visa. We will help you get through this process.

4. Do I need any vaccinations?
Depending on the country that you are traveling to, we will advise what vaccinations are required if any.

5.What if I’m a vegetarian or have food allergies?
If you need special meals they will be provided upon request. Every applicant must let us know of their meal preferences, known allergies and or medical conditions during the application process.

6. Do I need travel Insurance?
All of our volunteers will be required to obtain travel insurance that covers them during their entire stay. Check out our add ons to find out our partners who offer this service at a great price. Click here.

7. Is there a registration fee to join any program?
No, we don’t charge any registration fees. The only fee required to apply to become an active volunteer is a background check fee. Which it is mandatory. We want to ensure the safety of all our volunteers, our host families, our local staff and all the organizations that we work with. Background checks vary in costs depending on the country of origin.

8. Do I receive a certification for volunteer work?
Yes, based on the program that you will be volunteering at you will receive a participation certificate.

9. Do I need to speak the native language?
No, you don’t. However; there are specific programs that require you to speak basic Spanish. Check out our programs for details. If you are participating of one of our extended programs that last longer than three weeks, you can take the intermediate language course for a very small fee. 

10. Is there a minimum age to participate in our programs?
Yes, the minimum age to participate is 18 years old; however, young adults younger than 18 can participate if they are accompanied by their legal guardian.

11. Can couples volunteer together?
We highly encourage couples to volunteer together, as it is very beneficial for their relationship and the volunteer organization.

12. Do the programs include airfare?
No, due to the frequently changing prices of airfare, we cannot include them in our programs. We offer assistance helping to find the lowest airfares available through our Travel Coordinator.


For additional questions or concerns that you might have, just contact us, we will be happy to make things clear for you.

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