Simple Fees

All you need is Airfare, some pocket money and your registration fee of $279



1 Week   $319

2 Weeks $539

3 Weeks  $809

4 Weeks  $910

All Inclusive

1 Week  $899

2 Weeks  $1299

3 Weeks $1799

4 Weeks $1999


Short Term Programs

2 Weeks   $1696

1.5 Weeks (Galapagos Island)  $5995

4 Weeks $6496


Short Term Program

2 Weeks   $4995


- All prices are shown in US dollars.
- Background fee is paid to verified volunteers and is required to be approved for some programs, and completed to the terms and conditions of After you apply you will receive an invitation to complete your background check and is valid for one year from the date of completion.
- Program deposit fees: Peru: $250, Ecuador $400, Chile $400 (please see our
terms and conditions for refund and cancellation policies)
- Travel insurance is required for all destinations and programs. Check
add-ons for partners pricing.
- Program fees for Peru are paid in full upon arrival. 
-Program fees for Ecuador and Chile are paid in full 60 days before departure.
- Programs deposit fees will be issued in a form of cash at the end of program completion.

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer
— Unknown