Volunteering at the local Hospital Cusco

Volunteers are an important part in assisting local hospital,clinics, nurses and doctors in Cusco. This is an amazing opportunity to learn about healthcare in Peru. It is important that Medical and non Medical volunteers have real expectations in regards to the projects that they will be apart of with AIV. This is to ensure the best experience and smoothest transition into a new environment, while providing the most help as a volunteer. Below we outline the difference between a Medical and Non Medical Volunteer and their duties.

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Volunteering in a Hospital

Volunteering at a hospital benefits everyone including the volunteer, the patients, the families and the hospital staff. The volunteer will benefit greatly from meeting new people, acquiring new skills, gaining much needed experience, helps improve social skills and improving self-worth.The volunteer can and will make friends with fellow volunteers or patients sometimes for life, spawning multiple trips back to the same hospital to volunteer. Friendships are important for individuals that you meet and for the volunteer. Learning new skills is also a valuable benefit for the volunteer. The skills may help the volunteer with career-related tasks that will help the individual obtain a job. Individuals who are in or about to go to medical school and work in hospitals will also gain valuable experience and strengthen their resumes. The great news about this project is that it is available year round and you can volunteer as little as one week or up to one year. The volunteers will arrive at the hospital at 8am and will volunteer for 3-5 hours on the scheduled volunteer days that you coordinate with your in country orientation team. Who can help at the hospital ?….

Medical Professionals volunteers

The hospital uses Medical volunteers according to their skills,degrees, and or certifications in the medical field. Medical volunteers in specialty fields will be able to help and observe other doctors and professionals in the same field. Depending on your Spanish language level, medical background and knowledge, Medical volunteer duties can include but not limited too: Assistance in triage, basic patient care, measuring vitals, distributing medication, first aid, shadowing Doctors, assisting incoming patients. All Medical Volunteers must be passionate, proactive, and have an open mind to a developing countries infrastructure. A intermediate level of Spanish is preferred but not mandatory.

Non medical volunteers

The hospitals are often crowded and under staffed. This unfortunate reality is why many maintenance issue go unresolved for days, weeks and sometimes months at a time. This is where dedicated volunteers step in and fill the needs of the hospitals infrastructure. Due to the lack of personnel, volunteers are needed to help with regular maintenance of the hospital.Duties include but are not limited too: Painting, small repairs, changing light bulbs, and general construction odd jobs. Volunteers will be working with the maintenance coordinator to fulfill the needs of the hospital. Meanwhile, while providing crucial help to the hospital volunteers will have the opportunity to visit patience and learn more about culture and how the healthcare system works in Peru.

AIV offers several medical related opportunities throughout the year. to learn more about these opportunities please check out the medical page for more info.