Volunteer with Midwifes of Peru


Midwifery Volunteer Project

Currently we only have Midwifery available in Cusco, However the volunteer will be working closely with a midwife and will often travel throughout Cusco and the Sacred Valley. Through this project the volunteer will be assisting and learning from a Professional Midwife. The volunteer will be the main assistant to the Midwife and work closely with pregnant women getting ready to deliver their babies, conducting prenatal classes, assisting women before, after and during birth. The hours that you will be required to volunteer will vary depending on the needs of the women under the care of the Midwife. Hours can be long and sporadic. Women who are interested in going into Midwifery, OBGYN or other related fields are highly encouraged to join this program. There is an extra fee of $175 to participate of this specific program