Orphanage Volunteer Program Cusco

The Orphanage of Cusco, Peru is divided in two locations, One for boys and one for girls. Children and adolescents in a state of abandonment, neglect or abuse are sent to the orphanage by the family courts of Peru. The capacity of each Center is around 50 children between ages of 6-17.

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As a volunteer at one of the two orphanages, you will help the children in their daily activities. All to often, children at the orphanage we work with didn’t receive the level of attention and education that they deserve to get at home. So volunteers play a vital role in working with local staff to help teach these children and better the educational, emotional and hygiene well being of the children.

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Workshops and field trips

The children in the orphanages are very active in their daily activities. This includes workshops held by staff and even volunteers. Workshops can be as basic as how to tie your shoe to first aid and fitness. The orphanages often take the children on field trips and volunteers play a key role in helping supervise the children with the staff. The amount of joy these children bring to the staff and volunteers is limitless and well worth your time. You will fall in love with this program and really get fulfillment helping these underprivileged kids.

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Due to the fact that you will be working with children of various ages and backgrounds, AIV requires all volunteers that sign up for this project go through a background investigation to insure the safety of children and staff. AIV will require the results before your arrival. Also AIV understands the impact that a volunteer can have on the children and require that volunteers give at least one month of service to this project. These children need an example of stability and good faith to help children deal with their circumstances.