Volunteer Projects

AIV has been working on providing the best experiences for volunteers, and we found fulfilling projects to do just that. If you need more information about any program, please Contact Us

Below are our top three projects of this year. But if these do not interest you, we have more!!!

Andean Condor located at UNSAAC Zoo Cusco, Peru

Andean Condor located at UNSAAC Zoo Cusco, Peru

Love Animals? Check out Our zoo Project

The city of Cusco, Peru has only one zoo, Zoologico UNSAAC. This is more than an actual zoo, its also a rescue center for native wildlife. Most animals at the zoo are from the local region. This project is one of our most popular.

Medical & non medical volunteers in Cusco,peru

There are two main hospitals in the city of Cusco. These hospitals give care to everyone but more importantly the impoverished population. The hospitals are on tight budgets and have the bare minimum for staff and supplies. Hospitals are often crowded and under staffed, leaving the space for passionate volunteers like yourself to step in and give your time. Both Medical professionals and non-medical volunteers are needed.

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Midwifery volunteer program

Fortunately you can still find original & traditional midwifes in Peru. They are wise women who have acquired knowledge from generations like their Mothers, Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers. Many of the midwifes have been delivering babies since they were young. All the women have many years of midwifery experience and have helped countless women in delivering babies the most natural way possible.