Our Mission

We exist to provide unique all-inclusive programs to individuals or groups who seek a fulfilling life experience through traveling and volunteering abroad. Our local and passionate staff are there to ensure this mission. 

Our core values

We breath and live our values, without them we wouldn’t exist. Our values are:

  • Trusted

We've been in your place and we know how important it is to have people you can trust. When you are in a country that you've never been before, a country where they may not speak your language, having a passionate trustworthy staff to back you up makes all the difference. That is why we live Trust as a core value, you can trust us with your eyes closed, you will not be left abandoned at the airport or taken to another place you weren’t told to. We are 100% transparent and we want you to be able to see through us. Don’t hesitate and ask. Contact us!!

  • Helpful

We help local families, local economy, the less fortunate, and we also help you. When you stay with a local host family you are helping that family with many aspects of their daily life. The more volunteers we bring, the bigger the impact we can make together. Check out our programs and benefits to learn more.

  • Affordable

We offer you many different programs at very low cost. You will be paying around the same or less than other volunteer organizations, except that you will receive a whole lot more than what they could ever offer. We offer the best perks at the lowest prices, check out our programs and fees.

In conclusion, partnering with A-I Volunteers reduces the costs associated with traveling and volunteering, making it easier for the volunteer to give back and see whats out there. This means more people are able to volunteer and that makes a greater social outcome to be attained. 

Why is A-I Volunteers unique?

In simple words, we are ALL-INCLUSIVE, we provide everything but airfare. Unfortunately airlines will not give us set prices or else we would include that too. See our benefits.

Why Volunteer with A-IV? 

Volunteering is an altruist act, a true volunteer finances his/her way and stay to where the less fortunate need them. Although some volunteer sites provide a place to stay and maybe a meal or two but that is not truly giving to the less fortunate if you are receiving food and shelter from them. With that being said, we at A-IV offer our volunteers the unique opportunity to truly give with our affordable programs. What is affordable? spending less than what you would spend at home doing your regular routine, you will have most of the commodities you have back home and sometimes even more for a very low cost.  If you wish, you will live immersed to a new culture and learn all their customs and traditions, with a temporary host family or have the choice of a shared luxury apartment, with all those benefits and the low price you may just want to stay. To see all the great unique benefits of our programs click here.


Benefits of volunteering abroad

Volunteering is the act of serving other people unconditionally giving your time, efforts and skills to those people less fortunate. Volunteering at the same time has incredible health and life benefits that cannot be achieved in our daily routines. Volunteering is a win win activity for the volunteer and for the community served. 

Traveling and volunteering are the perfect combination to deliver a rewarding life experience. 

Cultures go from the type of food a group of people eat to how they raise their kids, how they dress, what language they use and beyond that. Seeing different cultures is an irreplaceable experience that makes an outsider see the world in a different but positive way. One of the ways to achieve this experience is through volunteering abroad.

Career Studies show that 82% of HR managers would hire an applicant who has volunteer experience over an applicant who doesn't. 

Health is another benefit.Volunteering makes a huge difference in the lives of many, and did you know how much you help yourself by serving others? Volunteering has proven to lower stress, boosting your confidence, and many other health and mental benefits. There are thousands of articles and studies that prove volunteer work helps us live healthier, happier lives. So why not start taking advantage. Apply Now

Serve one another, humbly in love
— Galatians 5:13 NIV