Volunteering at the Zoo

The city of Cusco, Peru has only one zoo, Zoologico UNSAAC. More than an actual zoo, this is a rescue center for native wildlife that has been threatened or mistreated by humans and can not return to the wild. Most animals at the zoo are from the local region and other parts of Peru. Despite being under staffed and having a low budget, the dedicated staff work extra hard to care for these animals and keep them well fed. The zoo gets around 90-120 visitors a day, mostly children and families.

Bear AIV.jpg

How can you help here at the zoo?

Volunteers will arrive at the zoo around 8AM, there they will be assigned daily tasks by the coordinator, including but not limited too: feeding, cleaning, supervising visitors so as not to feed animals, and overall general maintenance of the zoo. There are times that special projects like constructing new cages and organizing cages for new incoming animals is not uncommon. Volunteers who wish to participate in this project must love working with animals of all kinds, enjoy being outdoors, basic Spanish is preferred but not necessary. If however you would like to take some Spanish classes prior to participating at the volunteer project, please let us know.

Blue & Gold Macaw

Blue & Gold Macaw

Where is this project and how long can i stay?

The volunteer project is located on the UNSAAC campus in Cusco,Peru. The city is a famous tourist attraction due to Macchu Picchu and the surrounding Inca Ruins. Cusco was the capitol of the Inca empire.This project is available year round and the length of stay is 1-52 weeks. However, the altitude in Cusco is around 3400 meters above sea level (roughly 11,000ft or 2 miles) We suggest giving yourself a few extra days to acclimate to the altitude to better enjoy your trip.